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Introduction to Departments

You can check the introduction to our departments and medical staff by selecting the department of your choice.

Department of Radiology

Radiology is a field of medicine that provides diagnosis and treatment for various diseases based on radiologic images obtained through methods such as X-ray, CT, ultrasonography and MRI. Also, radiology is a field that is making significant breakthroughs in therapeutic fields using intervention therapies such as intravascular surgery and can provide accurate diagnosis for functional as well as anatomic abnormalities in a short time using the latest equipment based on the latest imaging technology.

Kee-Hyun Chang교수
Kee-Hyun Chang
Specialty : Imaging Diagnosis of Neuroradiology and Head & Neck Radiology
Jai-Soung  Park교수
Jai-Soung Park
Specialty : Chest radiology (diffuse interstitial lung disease, asthma, intervention procedures and tissue biopsy for thoracic diseases)
Hyeon-Suk Hong 교수
Hyeon-Suk Hong
Specialty : Pediatric radiology, head and neck radiology
Eun-Hye Lee 교수
Eun-Hye Lee
Specialty : Breast radiology
 Jang-Gyu Cha교수
Jang-Gyu Cha
Specialty : Musculoskeletal radiology
Beom Ha Yi교수
Beom Ha Yi
Specialty : Urogenital radiology, abdominal radiology, fetal ultrasonography
Min Hee Lee교수
Min Hee Lee
Specialty : Abdominal Radiology
Image-guided tumor ablation
A Leum Lee 교수
A Leum Lee
Specialty : [Speciality] Neuroradiology Head and neck radiology Thyroid radiology -thyroid USG and aspiration/gun biopsy -RFA (radiofrequency ablation) for thyroid nodule